Support Cuba Fire: Pastoral Prophetic Conference

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Next Saturday, join us for:

Appetizers & Desserts

At time of dynamic, prophetic worship with the North Gate Team

Testimony and slideshow by prophetic conference team members:
Brad Snow, Andrea Snow, Sherri Dodd and others
Fellowship and laughter!

April 15th
at North Gate, 405 Lathrop St.
6pm - 9pm
Support offering will be taken.

Make a lasting spiritual impact on the emerging nation of Cuba. North Gate is covering all costs of the conference at the end of April for 150 pastors!! You can sponsor a Cuban pastor's food, lodging and transportation to the conference for only $75!

Bring an appetizer or dessert to share!

Cuba Fire

North Gate HOP was invited in 2016 to convene a prophetic conference in Cuba, bringing 150 pastors together on April 29th. We have a team of strong prophetic people going on the trip, and are beyond excited about what God is doing in this emerging nation.

Our team is humbled and grateful for this chance to introduce these hungry Cuban pastors to the realities of prophecy and how they can impact Cuba as they learn to move in the prophetic and partner with Jesus in that way.

We are taking on the costs of transporting and hosting these precious pastors at the conference. Your donation will make a direct impact on the spiritual atmosphere of Cuba!

We have been advised to not include the word "Cuba" for giving due to political reasons. Please fill out our Donation Purpose form and select "April Conference 2017", and then provide your donation with the online donation portion. All of your online donations are secure through, and tax deductible.

Cuba Fire Conference, April 2017


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Prayer Burns

North Gate periodically hosts an extended time of prayer, which we call a "Prayer Burn."  

These Burns have many purposes: 

  1. To be able to spend uninterrupted hours in God's presence with other hungry hearts.
  2. To create the experience of 24/7 prayer, even for a short time, for those who have not been in such an atmosphere. 
  3. To provide a practical opportunity for those who are interested in night and day prayer to be involved in the movement with other like-minded individuals.
  4. To address specific topics of prayer in an extended way.
  5. To open up the doors of North Gate and create an environment open for prophetic worship, declaration and prayer to happen on a regular basis in Fairbanks across church and denominational lines.

To make this happen, we seek continued support from individuals and churches to bring together the corporate anointing to release into our valley the essence and agenda of the Kingdom of Heaven!  Each extended time of prayer has been precious, as has been the energy and support from the community. For more information on how you can be involved, see our Involvement article, or go straight to our Prayer Volunteer Form

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Please pray with me that God will open the door for a new job with benefits and heal me from depression. --John

My contract with my company unexpectedly ended on July 31st. I'm alone in this country, my family does not live here. I'm trusting God to lead me to the next opportunity as I apply for jobs. Would you please stand with  me in agreement for direction and His provision. -- Michelle